CAKE 28: Creative Education, Educating Creatively

Wed 23 January: 15:00 – 17:00

Calman Learning Centre | Stockton Road | Kingsley Barratt Room | DH1 3LE

Recent novel approaches to education and creative enterprise in and beyond the classroom, the popularity of creative learning throughout one's life, and the growing use of innovative technology in the classroom have all resulted in new collaborations and innovations in what it means to provide creative education and to educate creatively. CAKE 28 will focus on these exciting new developments and explore what is currently happening across our region and beyond at the intersection of education and creativity.

Come join us for an opportunity to learn about, explore, and discuss exciting innovations and new opportunities in education and learning across academic, business, and creative settings. And, of course, cake!


Beano Flude, Co-Founder, RTProjects
Beano describes himself as being driven by a deep rooted desire to connect with others and to connect others with others. With a BA Hons in Fine Art, a PGCE in Further Education, a spell at motorcycle racing, with hands on practical skills within the construction industry, and a keen interest in watching and playing football, Beano has skills to cope with most situations, and the experience to avoid non productive encounters. As a co-founder of the Mental Health RTProjects, Beano uses his creative skills to find innovative ways of helping people to help themselves. RTProjects is a local charity focused on delivering art for mental wellbeing through a range of innovative educational and supportive approaches.

Jennifer Barrett, Founder & Managing Director, This is Creative Enterprise (TICE)
Jen is the founder of This is Creative Enterprise (TICE), an organisation that works with businesses, schools, colleges and universities to give young people a taste of the opportunities that exist within the commercial creative, design and digital industries. TICE brings a unique and invaluable perspective to student learning outside the classroom. With TICE, young people can explore the worlds of:

Fashion | Textiles | Music | Photography | Software Development| Graphic design | Illustration | Creative enterprise | Creative writing | Film | Digital Media | Animation| and more…

And we love what we do. So much so that in 2016 the TICE team won a national Design Skills award from Creative & Cultural Skills for demonstrating ‘viable opportunities to young people’ across our respective creative industries.

Simon James, Professor, Durham University
Simon J. James is Professor of Victorian Literature in the Department of English Studies, Durham University. He has published on George Gissing, H.G. Wells, Charles Dickens and Victorian bestsellers. He is a member of the Steering Group for Durham Book Festival and has curated exhibitions at Durham’s Palace Green Library and at the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library, University of Illinois. He is the chair of the Research Panel for the Durham Commission. Simon will provide an update on the Durham Commission on Creativity and Education, a collaboration between Arts Council England and Durham University.

Marian Hernandez, Artist & Owner, Calloh!
A visual conversation with Marian Hernandez, artist and owner of Calloh!, about her new business running creative art workshops and her involvement with Durham University's 'Teach Your Art' programme to help creatives develop and run their own educational workshops.