The Creators Club, Newcastle - Creative Leadership.

16th October 2019, 17.30 - 20.00

The Prince's Trust | 53-57 Blandford Square

What is 'Creators Club'?

Monthly themed learning events for leaders, creators, freelancers and future shapers. A mix of inspiration, thinking space and peer coaching. Find collaboration opportunities and the support you need to keep making progress.

The Theme of the Month | Creative Leadership

Are you being brave enough? Committed enough? Do you care enough?

Alongside the creative journey, is one that calls for leaders to be bold and brave. To express your individual presence to the world. To make an impression. To leave your creative mark. This month is a nudge for creative leaders to lead.

It’s going to challenge you to step up!

What happens?

In the first part, we start with a creative themed exercise, we mindfully connect with the focus of the month and we work together to help each other grow.

Refreshments provided

In the second half, we invite a guest creator to share their journey and share practical guidance on our chosen topic. We encourage collaboration and make things happen.

Who is it for?

People who are building something; creatives, business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, freelancers, innovators, vloggers, artists, writers - #creators.

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