9th June 2017

Newton Aycliffe, United Kingdom | Xcel Centre

This month's Rise & Design is focused on the fantastic designs and innovations that came to be in the inspiring county of Durham. We will be showcasing local organisations and their use of design, and you will get the chance to see the journey of their products and services.


John Atkins, Kromek
Kromek is a leading developer of radiation detection solutions for applications within the medical, nuclear and security screening markets, and one of Durham's leading technology companies. Their solutions provide high resolution information on material composition and structure to enable the identification of cancerous tissues and hazardous materials, and the analysis of radioactive materials. John will talk about the role of design in turning ground breaking science into commercial products.

William Manners, A-Tech Industries
A-Tech Industries is family run engineering company dedicated to providing the highest quality, lowest possible cost solutions to its clients. They develop robotic and automation solutions for a number of large manufacturers and are developing their own range of products in a number of areas. William will talk about some of these developments and what it is that's made the company successful.

Andrew Street, Liberty Drums
Liberty Drums are one of the few companies to hand-build their own drum shells in the UK, often from exotic woods, and to customer specifications. Their drums are exported from their workshop in Shildon to professional artists around the world. Andrew will give us an insight into what make his drums sound so great

Steven Pugh, Bignall Group
Bignall Group have been manufacturing and exporting for over 40 years, and have been a key player in the County Durham manufacturing community. Their products encompass everything from bathroom cubicles, to reversing alarms, lubrication systems and precision engineering services. Steven will let us into the secret of how they maintain such high standards across such a range of products.

Liz Smedley, Demeter
Demeter apply their 25 years of experience in the water industry to helping organisations analyse, understand and ultimately reduce their water consumption, and therefore costs. Liz will outline some of the technology that makes this possible, particularly in light of the recent deregulation of the commercial water market.

Gary Thompson, Silent Sensors
The team at Silent Sensors are developing a range of products and technologies to monitor the performance of tyres while in use, their location throughout the supply chain and to generate energy to eliminate the need for battery power. Gary will describe their current range of products, and the new developments they have planned.



Rise and Design lasts for approximately three hours, and includes networking before and after speakers. There is a chance to pitch at the end of the speakers' presentations, and you can book a stand for the whole event. We encourage all delegates to stay after presentations for networking - it is one of the most valuable parts of Rise and Design.