27th June 2017

Design Led Innovation - Helping you embed good design in your organisation

27th June - Liverpool

Good design is the key to any great product, service or business, whether that’s developing new products, improving existing ones, or simply finding better ways to serve your customers. However, not every business has the right skills, methods and resources to implement good design.

If you want to improve the use of design in your business, this free one day course might be just what you need.

The programme covers three key areas –

Strategic Design for SMEs. How to increase your competitiveness by embedding design principles in your business, and using it to identify strategic opportunities.

Customer Centred Design. How to create and shape great products and services by focusing on customer needs and expectations.

Design Driven Innovation. Using design as a creative problem solving tool to build more effective and distinctive services, engage customers in the design process and convert people’s needs into market opportunities.

In addition, you will have access to a wide range of video, webinars and online materials to use after the initial programme, covering topics such as Effective Product Development, Sustainable Design, Design for Opening New Markets, Additive Manufacturing and more.

The course will be delivered by a consortium of partners including Politecnico de Milano, one of the leading design schools in the world, D’Appolonia, one of Europe’s largest engineering firms, and ADI, the Italian industrial design association. There are further details HERE on the course and the delivery partners

The course is fully funded by the European Commission, so is free to eligible organisations, and this course is the only one of its kind taking place in the UK.

Places are strictly limited so if you are interested in taking part click here to request a place or to find out more.