FRIDAY 9TH NOVEMBER 2018 - 8.30 - 12.30


Rise and Design - Industry 4.0

We hear a lot about Industry 4.0, but what does it actually mean?

To help answer that we’ve brought together some leading companies who are exploring and implementing new processes at the interface of manufacturing and digital technology. They’ll give you insights into what it means for them, and some ideas of how it could impact your business.

Speakers include:

Mo Chowdury, Innovation Incubator, Akzo Nobel

Mo is part of a corporate level team that identify new opportunities for revenue generation from transformative innovation and disruptive business models, focussing on future trends topics such as big data, 3D printing, industry 4.0 etc. HE will give us some insights into what Industry 4.0 means for them.

Chris Smith, ADM Automation

ADM work with clients in the food, electronic, automotive and product manufacturing industries, enabling them to automate and integrate their processes. Chris will describe the development of iCart , their revolutionary autonomous vehicle that moves parts and materials around manufacuring plants and distribution centres, enabling genuinly lean operations.