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23RD FEBRUARY 2018, 8:30 - 12:00

The Hepworth Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 5AW

Rise and Design: Design in the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry revolves around dazzling and amazing it’s audiences, but we often don’t appreciate the innovation and engineering that goes into bringing these things to life.

And that’s probably the point – the audience aren’t meant to see the wires and the joins. But sometimes it’s good to peer behind the scenes to see design and creativity that makes film, TV and live events so spectacular, which is often just as amazing as the finished product.

So we’ve brought together some of the leading proponents of entertainment magic, to let you see just how they do it.


Tim Leigh, Marketing Director, Stage One

From the Olympic Cauldron at the London 2012 opening ceremony, to the stage set for The Voice and the Yorkshire Tea Trucks at the Tour de France, Stage One have created and delivered some of the most awe inspiring objects ever seem.

Tim will talk us through some of these incredible projects and give an insight into what brings them to life.

Rise and Design lasts for approximately three hours, and includes networking before and after speakers. There is a chance to pitch at the end of the speakers' presentations, and you can book a stand for the whole event. We encourage all delegates to stay after presentations for networking - it is one of the most valuable parts of Rise and Design.