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Rise & Design: Emerging Technologies

Friday, 12th October, PROTO: The Emerging Technology Centre, NE8 3DF

Technology is continually evolving, and today's emerging technologies might be widely adapted in a year or so from now.

So with this in mind, and to celebrate the opening of PROTO - the Emerging Technology Centre, we've brought together some of the leading lights in North East technology to share some of the latest developments, and give you the opportunity to explore how you could apply them in your organisation.

It’s also a chance to meet the people behind these technologies, and to perhaps influence the way they’re developed and commercialised.

Confirmed speakers include:

Neil Spann, Power Roll

Currently being developed in Sunderland, Power Roll is the next generation in solar power generation. Ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight and a fraction of the cost of silicon PV, Power Roll will open up a host of new applications not possible with current technology. Neil will describe their journey so far, and their vision for this technology.

Katherine Pearson, Flo-Culture

Katherine will talk about their new Sensa platform, which uses proximity and location sensing to enhance user experiences. Currently used in cultural settings to deliver relevant content to users as they travel around, it has wider applications in retail, manufacturing, marketing and beyond. Katherine will take us through the technology in more detail, and would welcome ideas from you on where and how it could be used.

Frankie Cavanagh, Pocket Money Games

Frankie and his team are currently at the Occulus Connect 5 conferece in Silicon Valley, so we're pretty sure that when he returns he'll be dying to share some of the latest developments in immersive technology, and give some insights into how you can apply them in your business, whether you're a digital creative or not.

Dave Black, Mixed Immersion

The Arrival of Immersive Audio - Immersive Audio does for sound what Virtual Reality does for visual effects, creating a sense of depth and space, whist adding layers, reflections, reverbs and other techniques to create a volumetric image of sound which the ears believe to be real.

Dave will give us a quick tour of the stages of audio development to where we now have access to interactive and immersive audio environments, music and experiences. As well as a number of case studies and a look to the future with multiple technology companies now bringing out compatible products.

There will also be a chance to have a look around PROTO which include a three storey high R&D facility, recording studio, green ascreen studio and much more.

PROTO is also part of the Digital Catapult Centre North East & Tees Valley (NETV) – the regional arm of the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre and home to the North East and Tees Valley Immersive Lab, one of only four in the UK.