9th JANUARY 2019: 9:30 to 12:30


Service Design Workshop:

with Helena Hill 

Tickets: £80 Non Members, £40 Members

WOW! Your Customers with Exceptional Service Design

Every interaction that a client has with your company, product or service matters. Get it wrong and the consequences can be severe including disgruntled customers, un-wanted social media mentions and falling sales!

Meeting the expectations of our customers is no longer good enough. As a growth-focussed organisation, exceeding them should be one of your core business aspirations.

After all, the way we design and deliver our services has a direct impact on the experience of our customer and clients, what they say to their peers and, therefore, our bottom line.

In this interactive workshop you will learn about/explore:
• The principles and process of creating exceptional service design
• Organisational requirements
• The role of technology and innovation in creating exceptional service design
• Techniques, approaches and tools that can be employed to measure, plan and create new services as well as adapting and improving existing services.
• Service blueprinting
• Lots more!

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