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AM3D to appear at TCT Show in Birmingham

From 26th September until 28th September 2017 the NEC Birmingham will play host to arguably one of the largest 3D printing fairs in the world.

This TCT Show is the 22nd of its kind and is set to show the ingenuity and necessity of the 3D printing industry by showcasing an inspiring body of 3D tech experts and speakers from around the globe. Together, this collection of forward-thinkers will gather to share knowledge and enthusiasm, but more importantly, they’re there to do business.

The technological cocktail of product expertise and live demonstrations should provide excitement for anyone lucky enough to attend. The TCT promises, as always, to pave the way for future development and investment in an interesting and exciting industry.

For the first time, Design Network North members AM3D, a new, up-and-coming UK distribution company will be in attendance at the TCT, ready to showcase their products and share their knowledge of the 3D printing industry.

Headed by brothers Liam and Louis Monte, AM3D is still in its first year of business but is striving to make a wave in the world of 3D printing. Speaking to Liam, 29, of Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, he said:

"Our unique selling point is that the printers we distribute use PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) which is a bio-material with similar properties to aluminium. PEEK is widely considered to be a high-performance polymer, with many uses throughout many different industries. It also has a high melting point compared to other thermoplastics (343 °C / 649.4 °F)."

In regards to the future of 3D printing, Liam is very optimistic:

"It's a really diverse field, when you get down it. You know, I've printed a false ear from a material called PLLA. The ear comes out like mesh and skin cells are placed over the bio-material to grow a new ear. It's remarkable technology and we can't wait to represent our company at the TCT this year."

At the end of September, AM3D will undoubtedly impress the competition with their amazing products and burst onto the 3D Tech scene with a bang; definitely a company to look out for in the future.