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DNN member creates the next generation of smart IOT data hub

Design Network North member Martel Instruments have launched a brand new smart loT (Internet of Things) enabled compact printer in the US and across Europe that will significantly enhance healthcare, automotive, analytical, monitoring and measurement equipment products.

The company that was founded in 1982, is a global supplier to OEM device manufacturers. For the last twenty years Martel have manufactured and supplied compact printers that embed and connect to other products giving them a printing capability.

However in March this year the business launched VIDA 4.0, a solution that gives so much more to the devices that it supports, than just printing.

Keith Walker, Martel's MD tells us;

"This is an extremely exciting time for us and manufacturers across the globe. We have pushed our boundaries to bring a brand new innovative and smart product to the market. We have created a new device that not only gives the power of print to an existing device but it will also provide additional features, without the need for the OEM to change their product and incur additional development costs."

He goes on to explain;

"VIDA 4.0 has been developed after spotting an opportunity to turn existing products into data and internet friendly solutions, resulting in a more powerful and attractive proposition for the end user.

VIDA 4.0 simply connects to the device that it supports either by USB or wirelessly and can instantly take the data from it, store it, print it and send it to secure cloud based services, meaning the data can be accessed and analysed remotely, bringing a whole new dimension to the primary product's capabilities."

Products such as healthcare devices, security systems, environmental monitors, measuring equipment and testing equipment will be benefit from the added features that VIDA 4.0 will give them.

Keith concludes:

"The value that this IOT data hub adds to the products that it supports is extremely high.

We wanted to bring to market a product that will solve the pain that our buyers have in terms of product development. We are in a world of digital data and cloud based solutions, but there is still a need for print. VIDA 4.0 gives our customers and their end users a smart printing solution that provides so much more."

Another fantastic product from a Design Network North member!


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