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DNN member and University in leading collaboration

Design Network North member, product design consultancy Pd-m and the University of Leeds are coming towards the end of a pioneering medical device project. The product is based around laparoscopic surgery and assisting the surgeon with a device which deploys inside the abdomen. The requirements of the brief were for the product to fit through a port of 18mm, then open up to create an internal scaffold structure. The device then opens up which allows the surgeon to attached organs and tissue, moving them out of the way so that the surgeon has a better field of view and therefore safer surgery.

Pd-m and the University of Leeds started on the work on 2015 which commenced with insight into current surgical practices with laparoscopic surgery. This lead to initial product development using 3D prints which were tested in a porcine model. The encouraging results lead to a two year collaboration which was funded by the Department of Health. Further design, engineering and computational modelling allowed the collaborators to carry out advanced cadaveric trials to validate the product. 

Pd-m founder Richard Hall said "It has been very much a team effort. In addition to Pd-m and the University of Leeds working closely together, there has been a much bigger team involved in the project. This includes health economists to ensure the commercial effectiveness, a clinical advisory group, IP and a commercialisation team".

The product design solution is going to be licensed to a medical device manufacturer and through their distribution network will find its way into the NHS.

And that's not all for pd-m: 

Founder of Pd-m, Richard Hall has been made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. The RSA is a charitable Royal Charter Company founded in 1754. The mission of the RSA is to enrich society through ideas and action. 

Richard said "The RSA's mission is very closely aligned to mine and Pd-m's values. I started my career back in 1986 as an engineering apprentice at Rolls-Royce Plc. Since then I've been involved in the design and manufacture of innovations both domestic and overseas. To join the RSA as a Fellow is a huge honour."