Drone Engineer Vacancy

Drone Engineer Vacancy


DroneOps is a specialist integrator of sensors onto drones creating “systems of systems” with an office in the Core, Newcastle and skunkworks in Northumberland

DroneOps has also worked with FP7 Project EDEN by looking at ways to protect EU Citizens from chemical and radiological incidents which included work at Chernobyl in the Ukraine. Recent work has also included the development of drones for mine detection, ozone measurement, methane, and steelyard audits. 

DroneOps has been busy establishing functional drone precedents. We build bespoke drones to generate accurate site topology and 3D models which is then overlayed using various sensors such as chemical, radiological, thermal and biological (i.e. oil on water). This has led to a paid for R&D project with SHELL, Ackzo Noble (International Paints) and Barrier Ltd to build an inspection drone to work in confined spaces (such as ship’s ballast tanks) to identify corrosion in the metal work and deteriorating paint work.

As you can see, DroneOps lives in exciting times and with the added work for big clients we have to add to our team. For DroneOps to succeed we require bright, motivated, entrepreneurs with a Degree in Electronics, Programming, 3D, VR, AR or Aeronautical, Mechanical Engineering and a compliment of the following skills.

1.   Software development, to create drone flight systems with API interfaces.

2.   Develop autonomous and semi autonomous systems

3.   Design, modify and incorporate electronics and sensors within drones

4.   3D modelling of overground topology, accurately 3D models of the environment in its true colour context and exportable wireframes

5.   3D, VR and AR integration and modelling skills.

6.   3D Product designing,building and testing of drones:

7.   Bench and live project testing and reporting

Working with DroneOps will be very challenging but will offer you the chance to commence an incredibly rewarding profession within a highly disruptive drone industry.

The role will be based in the North East but will involve work with clients across the UK, Barcelona and Dublin.

Can you rise to the challenge?

If so, please send us your CV, specifying which subject areas you could assist with and how you could make the difference, as well as case studies and references of your ability to: