Livestream from Rise and Design: Advances in Film and TV Production

Friday 13th January: 10:00 – 12:30

It's 120 years since George Melies took us all on A Trip to the Moon, (and 23 years since Wallace and Gromit did the same), and while film technology has evolved massively, the purpose is still the same - to take us to places we've never been, or could ever go.

And here in the North East we have some amazing facilities that can be used to create virtual worlds, 3D environments, life like avatars, and virtual scenery with 4K resolution.

And it's not just for film producers to use, these facilities have applications in marketing, healthcare, tourism, research, and.... well, why not come along and find out for yourself.

Speakers included -

Target 3D, speaker TBC

Target 3D are a leader in the new world of film production, which includes technologies such as motion capture, robotics, virtual production and XR. Their work includes virtual performances at the 2021 BAFTAs, and they were part of the team that turned ABBA into avatars for their new virtual show, ABBA Voyage.
They are also the technology partner for the new virtual production suite at PROTO and will be giving us a tour of this amazing facility, which includes the biggest screen you've ever see outside of a cinema.

Alison Gwynn, North East Screen

North East Screen help develop and champion the region as one of the UK’s leading film and TV production hubs, where exceptional screen industry talent can live, create and work.
They support incoming productions with crew, locations and facilities shooting anywhere in North East England, and work with Indie production companies based in the North East providing them with business and commission development support. Alison will tell us more about their work and some recent successes.

Alex Cook, PROTO

As well as being our hosts on the day, PROTO was the first digital production facility of its kind in Europe, and is still one of only a handful in the UK.
With their world class facilities which include a TV and film studio, motion capture facility, 3D character creation and immersive lab, PROTO enable film makers, games developers, animators, and creators of immersive experiences to bring their visions to life.
But that's just the start - if you have a potential application that even they haven't thought of, Alex will explain how you could access their facilities and expertise.

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