Our health is one of those things we take for granted, until it's affected in some way.


And it's not just about physical health, our well-being is much broader than that, but often neglected.

But as with most things, careful, thoughtful design can make all the difference.

So we're delighted to be partnering with Huddersfield University as they prepare to launch their National Health Innovation Campus , which will transform the way healthcare and healthy living is delivered and supported across the North of England.

So we'll be hearing from some of the champions behind this project, and those organisations who will be bringing it to life.

Speakers included -

Prof. Liz Towns-Andrews, Huddersfield University

As 3M Professor of Innovation, Liz knows something about making great things happen. She's now heading up the development of the campus, starting with the £75m investent to create the Daphne Steele Building, named after UKs first black matron.

With a vision to bring together teaching, research and public services to jointly deliver health benefits across the North, Liz will outline the aims of the campus, and the challenges they're intending to overcome.

Michael Crinnion, Mind Body Goals Ltd

The key to wellness is something you’re doing right now, every second. Breathing. Slow, intentional breathing. We’ve known it for thousands of years, and yet in the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s so easy to forget. That’s why Michael created Luma³, a breathing companion that guides you through a range of breathing exercises proven to bring you calm, balance, and gentle relief at home, work, and before bed.

Michael will share with us his innovation journey in bringing Luma³ to life, as well as his own mental health story.


Peter Griffen, Orchard House Designs

Chronic oedema is a major clinical problem worldwide, which has many important secondary consequences for health, activity and general wellbeing. A common form of this is lower leg oedema, often caused by a build-up of fluid in the ankles, feet and legs.

Peter has developed a novel foot stool to hep alleviate the symptoms and incidence of this common but sometimes debilitating condition.

As well as giving us insights into his design journey with the product, he will talk about product design in a healthcare context, funding a hardware SME, and the particular issues around creating human-centred assistive devices



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