Rise and Design: Designing Finance

Friday 10th November: 10:00 – 12:30

Please Note - this is a hybrid event so we'll be in person at NDC and on Zoom. The ticket options reflect this so please choose according to your own preferences. We will endeavour to ensure that the online event is just as enjoyable and useful as being there in person.

The banking sector has seen some huge changes in the last 20 years or so, with bank accounts in our pockets, and mortgage decisions made in seconds rather than days.

But as with all technology advances, there's always the danger that the people element is neglected, and that actual people might be left behind. So it's important that the emergent FinTech sector designs its products and services in a way that delivers benefit for everyone.

Our speakers today will be from organisations who are doing just that.

Speakers will include -

David Van der Welde, Society Matters CIC

With an extensive background in web and applications development, but always with an ethical and people centred approach, David is currently part of the team at Society Matters, who develop programmes and products to support those people or issues that are often neglected.

David will be talking about their 'Beyond Pay and Benefits' programme. Many working people are struggling to make ends meet financially but, like mental health was until a few years ago, it's something that can be very hard to talk about with their employers. So this programme provides companies with free access to practical workshops, insights, advice and information that will have a direct and tangible impact on the financial wellbeing of their staff, in a non-intrusive and supportive way.





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