Rise and Design: Using AI in Your Business

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Whilst AI has been widely used for years, such as on your iPhone camera, there's been an explosion in the use of AI in the last few months, which shows no sign of slowing down..

S0 we brought around a hundred people together, in person and on Zoom, to learn more about how to use AI in their businesses.

And the results were staggeringly terrifying... in a good way. But only if you jump on boardĀ 

We heard fromĀ 

Helena Hill, Helena Hill Consulting

As well as being an experienced UX designer, Helena is a ChatGPT Expert certified by the Blockchain Council.

We've heard a lot about ChatGPT and maybe even tried using it, so Helena demonstrated what it actually is, how to use it, and how best to apply it in your business.

Daniel Foster-Smith, Persona Design

Imagine having the ability to quickly test a market strategy with your target audience, but with none of the expensive/time consuming user research? Persona Design is an online AI tool that allows you to build Dynamic Personas extrapolated from the audience information that you already hold. These AI Personas are then able to give you insightful feedback based on what it has learned about your audience.

Dan developed Persona Design as part of his PhD on AI and design processes at Newcastle University. He holds an MA in design interactions from the Royal College of Art and he has worked for the likes of the BBC, Tate Gallery and Dow Jones among others.

Ian Wright, New World Designs

As well as being one of the foremost proponents of 'bullet-time' filmography, as seen in The Matrix movies, for clients as varied as Nike, Prada, H&M and Adobe, NWD are exploring and exploiting the use of AI in film creation. The ability to create not just a virtual film set, but an actual film is still in its early stages, but the results to date are staggering, if a little unsettling.

Ian shared with us some of the tools they've been using, and some examples of what can be achieved. Which were frankly mind blowing.

You can also download a copy of Ian's slides HERE