My 6 Point TTM Model Booking Checklist. Lesley Middlemiss-Lister, Tyne Tees Models.

Almost 25 years of booking thousands of models for hundreds of the world’s best known brands reveals patterns. Here are a few pointers to help you when booking professional models. It’s a 3 minute read.

1. Set your shoot date(s) and location as soon as possible. Try to engage with your modelling agency two to three weeks ahead of this date.

2. Give accurate information to get an accurate quotation. Talk to your agency about whether the shoot will be a mix of stills or film and also usage. Usage covers where the images will be used geographically (regional, national, global), application (print, editorial, internet, packaging) and duration (one-off, up to 2 years, beyond 2 years).

3. Consider your audience. Think about the best-match between what the model looks like and your ideal target customer. If you are an aspirational brand your model should look like the best version of your target customer. Your model should have the ability to slot naturally into your overall brand story.

4. Be specific about what model(s) you want. List gender, age, height, statistics and any detail such as beard, tattoos or hair colour.

5. Shortlist quickly. You will receive a selection of model cards from the agency. Shortlist as quickly as you can to ensure your first choice of model is available and to avoid disappointment.

6. Think about holding a casting. A casting is where you would meet your model in person for a face-to-face chat. This can take place quite quickly, at a location of your choice or at the model agency

Models are clearly a critical part of a brand's story. If the model is wrong, everything is wrong. Getting it right avoids rebooking.

A final tip is to choose one brilliant agency and stick with them. You’ll get better deals and – ultimately – the best for your brand because your agency will get to know you and your unique journey really well. Good luck!