COHDA design an innovative, award nominated luminaire for Innermost

Kepler was designed by Design Network North Members COHDA and  launched by Innermost at Euroluce last year as a concept and went into production a few months later. The first units have just been delivered of this amazing new product.

Seemingly simple the minimal form hides a few secrets. The tech is simple enough, as one architect said to us at a recent presentation ‘it’s a hula hoop with an LED strip but WOW’. It’s the wow we were planning for.

Cohda are masters of optical engineering and they combined a simple set of materials and optics in a way that make a unique effect. Kepler takes it’s name from Johanes Kepler the German physicist and astronomer who devised theories such as elliptical orbits

Kepler comes in 2 sizes 65cm and 95cm diameters so it has presence and the unit is adjustable at installation with 350 degrees of adjustment around the X axis and 360 on the Y. Meaning any position is possible. The unit can then be locked into position.

Unique and intriguing as a single stand alone piece they dazzle when grouped. The portal effect and transparency come together make amazing layered effects.

Innermost will be launching other variants of the concept later in the year and you will be able to see the design at shows as varied as HD Vegas, Clerkenwell Design Week and Decorex

Kepler has made it as a finalist for the AZ Awards. Kepler has been selected by the accomplished, international jury as a finalist in the Design - Lighting fixtures category of AZURE’s 2018 AZ Awards. YCOHDA are among the 64 finalists chosen from 997 entries from 46 countries. Kepler has also been shortlisted in the Darc awards, and the COHDA team would love your support, so please cast your vote here