Design agency Stop. makes bar soap cool again through branding

Design agency Stop. makes bar soap cool again through branding


As a new UK beauty brand, nuddy asked Newcastle design agency stop. to help them come up with a brand identity that would make a big splash this July with the launch of their all natural eco-friendly soaps. Bold, fruity and, little bit cheeky, a soap for the millennial generation.

Made in the UK from a shea butter base combined with the finest organic ingredients, they needed the soap to look as good on the outside as it is on the inside, with packaging as bright and fresh as their customers.

Looking to develop their unique branding ideas, nuddy called on stop. to create a plastic free packaging concept that would stand out and reflect the ‘naughty’ side of the business.

With a mission to reignite the nation’s love affair with soap, the team at stop. got to work designing a cool new look that would appeal to 18-24 year olds who might otherwise be turned off by hygiene myths surrounding bars of soap.

Since the name "nuddy" means "in the nude", they idea was to make it a little bit cheeky. Using the tagline ‘Pure Soap for Filthy People’ as inspiration, stop. placed tongue-in-cheek pun-filled names up front and centre amidst a bright pastel colour palette, to attract attention and tempt people to pick up soap again.

The nuddy soap launch has received a fantastic reception already, with their customers getting on their soapboxes and sharing the nuddy love for our soap fragrances, and how kind the soaps are to their skin, on social media.