The Northern Design Quest

as part of the Great Exhibition of the North

The Great Exhibition of the North is a free, summer long celebration of the North East's pioneering spirit.

The country's biggest event of the year it will pack a programme of amazing exhibits, live performances, displays of innovation, new artworks and unforgettable experiences...all in 80 days!

Led by Design Network North the Design Trail allows you to follow in the footsteps of a designer. You will have the opportunity to design your very own product, using products created in the region to inspire and demonstrate the design journey.

Your starting point is the Great North Museum, step into a world shaped by the best of Northern Design. You'll also learn of a special design challenge, called the Northern Design Quest, which will lead you through idea generation, research, storyboarding and prototyping, developing the brand and finally showcasing your idea at Northern Design Centre.

There are many ways you and your business could help...
  • We are looking for great products and examples of great design from YOUR business. These will be showcased at The Launch Pad, The Great North Museum in the cabinet of curiosities. So, if you have something you want to shout about and let people see your work, get in touch!
  • We need volunteers for setup and throughout the 80 days of the exhibition to man some of the key venues.
  • And of course, help promote this fabulous event on social using #DesignQuest

Contact 0191 516 4400 or email