How to effectively promote your consultancy business- by Urban River

With so many consultancies out there, how do you make your business stand out from the rest?

To effectively promote your consultancy business, you must first understand that you are now the brand. Everything you do, both online and in person, will impact how you are perceived.

Below we offer some advice on how to make a great impression and ensure that your name is the first one in people’s minds when they look for a consultancy business.

Professional Website
Almost every consultancy business will have a website but not all websites are equal. This is the first impression that prospective clients will have of you and it needs to be a good one.

Whilst it is possible to knock up a half decent website on WordPress with little experience, is this where your time is best spent? Do you understand SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to move you up the Google rankings? Do you have experience of user journeys or software testing?

It’s better to leave that to the experts and you can concentrate on the content. You are an expert in your chosen field. So show that by creating a blog that engages the customers and reflects your expertise.

A regular, informative blog will not only drive traffic to your site and raise your profile, it will also assist with SEO.

Build relationships before you need them.

Focus on quality rather than quantity. Whether face to face or online, it is easy to increase your number of contacts rapidly. However growing your network organically is more likely to lead to long lasting and fruitful relationships.

Learn to use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook effectively and ensure they all link back to yourconsultancy business website and blog. Be mindful not to spam prospective customers. Ensure that you engage with them and take an interest in what they are doing.

No matter how many relationships you have on social media, it is important to remember that it is no substitute for face to face contact. Get yourself out there and meet people whether at conferences or networking events. Ensure that you are prepared with a business card and elevator pitch to get across the message you want people to know about your consultancy business.

Of course, the best way to build your network is to do a good job with existing clients and let your reputation spread by word of mouth.

Be different
Being different doesn’t have to mean being zany or doing madcap promotions. It means offering something that your competitors don’t.

Remember that you are the brand so why not get your face or voice out there with a podcast, webinar or vlog (video blog)?

It doesn’t have to be expensive, most of the technology needed can be found on most smartphones. As long as your presentations come across as professional, you can share your personality as well as your expertise.

Speak at events. Not only do you get to deliver your message to a room full of prospective clients, you have the opportunity to meet face to face and collect more content for your website by recording the event.

Consider offering a free eBook on your area of expertise via your website. This enables you to build your mailing list whilst at the same time, cementing your image as an expert in your field.

It is free and easy to do and by putting the same book on Amazon with a cost attached, customers will happily sign up knowing they are getting something for free.