We’ve had such a large influx of newcomers that we thought it was about time we wrote a little guide for those who are new to Rise and Design. We’ve given you a quick run-down of what Rise and Design is all about, and tips from us on how you can get the most out of the day.

Rise and Design runs for about three hours. It starts with networking and bacon sandwiches, followed by speakers and presentations, ends with more networking and, if there’s any left, bacon sandwiches. Each month we have a different theme, and our presentations are tailored based on the theme of the month. You can sign up to Rise and Design via Eventbrite, where you can also have look at themes we’ve got coming up later in the year.

Hints and tips from the Design Network North team

Come prepared
It’s always a good idea to have a business card to hand, so bring plenty and give them out. Try and get the name of everyone you speak to.
We send out a list of delegates earlier in the week, so give it a read before you arrive so you have an idea of who’s going to be there, and who you might want to have a chat with. That said, remain open to meet anybody from any profession; Rise and Design is jam packed with fascinating people and it’s all about getting to know people you wouldn’t normally have a chance to meet.

Don’t focus too much on selling yourself
Try to put more energy into getting to know what issues people have and how you might be able to help, even if that might mean putting them in contact with someone else.

Set yourself a target
Commit to speaking to five/ten/fifteen people, or handing out a number of business cards. It’ll give you extra motivation if networking is something you find difficult.

Remember to follow up with the people you meet
It’s great making new contacts, but if you leave it too late to follow up you could lose them. Make sure you follow up with anyone interesting. Drop them a line, send them something they might find interesting, and connect on LinkedIn.

Ask the speaker questions
There is usually always time for Q&A after the talks, so take this opportunity to get your burning questions answered.

Be brave and do a two minute pitch
It’s a great way to introduce yourself to all those attending. Introduce yourself, your company and what you can offer the audience.

Book an exhibition stand
Be imaginative about how you draw in the crowds, props and examples of your work are always great ways to engage your audience. It can make networking a little easier too, as people will approach you to chat about your stand.

Don’t be afraid to ask us for help
It’s what we are here for! If you want to be introduced to someone, need a bit of a hand with networking, or help with pretty much anything else, grab one of us.

Don’t be put off if the theme doesn’t relate to what you do
So you're a web developer but the Rise & Design theme this month is children's fashion, and you're worried you might feel a bit out of place. Don't worry - a huge variety of delegates arrive each month, many come to every event regardless of the topic. We work hard to make sure that no matter what the theme, the talks are interesting to everybody. Remember, everyone is there because they have an interest in design, so you all have something in common. Meeting someone completely different could be the key to tapping into a new market!

This probably covers just about everything, but if you have any other questions, feel free to email us or give us a ring on 0191 499 8383. Looking forward to meeting you at our next Rise and Design!


How much is it?
It’s free!

Is there a dress code?
No, not really. Come as you are.

Do I need to bring anything?
No, you don’t even need to print your ticket off Eventbrite. We do recommend bringing business cards, and possibly a notebook if it would be useful to you.

Can I forward my invite to my friends?
Yes, of course!

What are pitches and exhibition stands?
At the end of the presentations from our speakers, we invite delegates to do a two minute pitch (you must book prior) to the audience. They go quickly, so be sure to book as soon as possible.
If you book one of our ten exhibition stands, you can have a table in the networking area. Feel free to bring any props you need to exhibit your company in the best way (there are plenty of plugs for laptops too).

Rise and Design sounds marvellous! How do I sign up?
Just click here!