Achieve compliance at every step of your company’s processes and data by May 25th 2018


Know your business.
Get perspective

What is?

Build inventory in ‘steady state’: Map process, owners, IT, activity, and data needles to be joined


Priorities, possibilities and alternatives

What if?

Baseline ‘steady state’: Answer ‘what if’ questions making amends to policy/ measures


Establish deep views.
Test options

What works?

Assess ‘steady state’: Proof ‘what if’ scenarios to test compliance readiness for wider deployment


See proof
of performance

What wows?

Audit, report & monitor comprehensive inventory of all activities in (BAU) state

Business Blueprint Services

Ciensys arranges information for shared access throughout the business. The arrangement is built into a navigable visual business model that fits on a page.


Personalised for specific needs

A tailored business taxonomy, it is designed for simplicity, sustainability, instant communication and adopting on-demand technology.


Adheres to best practice

Aligned to industry standards, (TOGAF, ITIL, ETOM/Frameworx) the model can initially use your current documentation


Clear scope and evidence

Designed for businesses that do not have full-fledged architecture capability; IT service providers and architecture consumers having specific and urgent needs.

Time box

2-6 weeks

The service is Fast, Inexpensive (budge conscious), Simple (no technology/ training needed) and delivered in Tiny envelopes