Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade: Design Challenge - create new products to add to your range and generate funds for the Brigade

Submission deadline - 31st August 2021

The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade have been saving lives along the coast since 1864, and were in fact the first brigade of their type in the world.

As a local independent charity, they rely entirely on donations to continue their much needed work, which have suffered hugely during the COVID 19 pandemic.

So in order to raise funds, they'd like to enlist the help of local designers and manufacturers to create unique products that incorporate their heritage, brand and iconography, that will generate income for the Life Brigade, and of course increased sales for you.

These products could be -

  • clothing items incorporating TVLB branding, or even original patterns
  • craft beers or spirits that reflect the heritage and ethos of the Life Brigade
  • decorative items perhaps featuring the iconic Watch House

But these are just our initial ideas. The Brigade have a treasure trove of artefacts in their Watch House Museum in Tynemouth so if you're able to, please pay them a visit. And if you're not able we have some images we can share.

Then it's over to you to create something amazing.

If your product is approved, you'll be given a license to use whatever imagery or branding you've chosen, in return for a percentage of sales, all of which will go to supporting their valuable work.

Register your interest be emailing me at terry.mcstea@designnetworknorth.org and I'll be in touch with more information

You can find out more about the Life Brigade on their website - www.tvlb.org

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