Ex Meerkat Director sees new opportunities in Data

A former Director of the BGL Group (owners of COMPARETHEMARKET.COM) has set his sights on helping local businesses in the region.
Jason Turner worked for the insurance giant for nearly a decade and after a spell helping the public sector consultancy service, Bloom, has set up a new business 'Data 2 Action' which is aimed at helping local businesses understand and use their data to improve their business performance.  We caught up with Jason to ask him more about his business and plans for the future. 
Turner says 'We live in a world where we are producing an ever increasing amount of data and for businesses this presents a fabulous opportunity to create significant commercial advantage either by supporting growth or improving operating efficiency.  With the dramatic rise in 'connected' devices, data flows are set to exponentially increase over the coming years and unless businesses proactively seek to place data at the heart of their organisations, they may be missing an opportunity to create  a real commercial advantage with value being 'left on the table'.
Over the last decade or so there has been a significant growth in all manner of analytics and insight tools and techniques with 'Big Data', 'Artificial Intelligence' and 'Machine Learning' all becoming the latest 'must haves' for businesses.  However from my own experiences, research and discussions with the National Innovation Centre for Data here in Newcastle, its clear that an estimated 80% of all business data is going unused which heavily restricts the ability for growth in these key areas and thus leaves businesses vulnerable.
Over my career I have come to appreciate the value that data can bring and that it is capable of challenging many perceptions that exist in business.  As a result, I have spent the last 15 years helping various businesses use data to drive real and tangible improvements.  The team at Data 2 Action are highly skilled senior leaders who support businesses who simply do not know where to start or don't have the time nor resources to spend searching for a tailored solution that meets their individual needs. With the help of some of our unique experience and evaluation methods, we can help businesses fully understand what data they have and how to leverage it more effectively.  Once businesses recognise the value in their own data they can begin to exploit the commercial advantages that a data centric business can present'

To find out more, Jason can be contacted at Jason.turner@data2action.co.uk or 07939862369


Data2Action is a valued members of Design Network North. Design Network North is part of RTC’s new programme called ‘Designing Better Business’ – launched in 2016 - which will provide support for north east businesses looking to continue to innovate and design better world leading products.
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