New North East Brand Launches Responsive Design at London Design Week


CRAMLINGTON-headquartered Bazaar Group has had a successful launch of its pioneering furniture design brand at Europe’s leading international design festival.

The team at Bazaar Group behind the innovative new furniture brand known as ‘Leda®,’has unveiled the first of its ground-breaking product designs at this year’s London Design Fair.

Moving away from traditional, structured design and focusing on soft, ergonomic design, the Leda® designers were overwhelmed with the reaction to ‘The Wing’ which caused a stir amongst the international design scene.

Drawing its name from its splayed, pointed corners that form a ‘winged’ shape, the first product from the new British designer has been inspired by Northumberland’s landscape and culture.

The launch is a strategic new business move for Bazaar Group and is a primary focus in creating sustainable future growth for the award-winning company.

Bazaar Group managing director Mark Dolder said: “We have taken a revolutionary approach to the development of Leda® and we felt it was only right to unveil the first, original product of the brand on an international stage, amongst the design industry’s thought leaders.

“The Wing is the first of its kind, entering the busy design market at a very exciting time. Now, more than ever, people are looking for design-led furnishings for their homes and we hope to see Leda® stocked in multinational retailers as it becomes a household name of the future.”

Inspired by Northumberland, the Leda® team were proud to bring a sense of the North East region to the London exhibition.

Leda® sensory and dynamism designer Allison Chatten said: “We drew on the freedom and dynamism of our Northumbrian surroundings in the creation of Leda® and the first product.

“From organic shapes in the landscape to the everyday lifestyles of our friends and family, we wanted to build a brand based on contemporary life and a product that would adapt to a person’s body and lifestyle. This is an innovative concept we refer to as ‘engineering responsive design’.

“Normally in furniture design a person has to adapt their shape to fit into a seat, but with the Leda® Wing its soft form moulds to the shape of the individual. This turns furniture design on its head and is going to force people to consider furniture of the future in an inventive new way.

“Our motto is to ‘live effortlessly,’ which is also based on a very ‘North East’ attitude of being yourself and feeling content.”

The London Design Fair, which describes exhibitors hailing from 28 countries around the world as ‘original thinkers and early adapters’ of design, will attract over 27,000 visitors. Leda is inviting people to be the first to experience its ground-breaking responsive furniture design.

The team had a great response in London and they exceeded their target for leads and they are excited to move the range to the next level.

Leda®’s Allison Chatten concludes: “We just ask that people keep an open mind. Our aim with Leda® is to create furniture experiences that encourage the individual to imagine new possibilities for everyday life.


Bazaar Group is a valued members of Design Network North. Design Network North is part of RTC’s new programme called ‘Designing Better Business’ – launched in 2016 - which will provide support for north east businesses looking to continue to innovate and design better world leading products.
RTC was founded in 1989 with the sole purpose of helping businesses innovate and create new higher value products. Today, the business operates out of offices in Sunderland, Gateshead, Leeds and Daresbury and specialises in helping companies develop new products, embed new skills through training and access funding for innovation.
Designing Better Business’ is part funded by European Regional Development Fund, as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020.

Leda- Bazaar Group
Leda- Bazaar Group
Leda- Bazaar Group